Chapter 1

I have never been born. I came together, two cells dividing into four cells, eight cells, and began my journey down that long, long tunnel, its soft warmth cradling me, propelling me onwards to the opening of a crimson chamber. It allowed me to enter and I drifted, wafted on an invisible current, nestled into its pulsating wall but it was unyielding, unwelcoming, it refused to let me embed. Rejected before I’d had a chance to live, to survive, to be. I was thrust into a different tunnel, not so comforting; I shouldn’t have been there, not then, not until I’d grown. I should have been back there in that ruby warmth but I drifted, out of control, out, out into the light and soared away from the cluster of cells.

My mother wept; my father comforted; I watched unseen, a soul without a body, never to share their world, never to bring them joy. Angelique, that was who I was to have been, sent by the angels my mother said, but as the angels gave, they took away and I never knew love, well not earthly love. My family is here, in this realm; Daisy and Alf were their earthly names and they’d have been my great grandparents. They took care of me and I grew.

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