N.B. The title is grammatically incorrect - purposely. In the UK anyone fortunate enough to be able to afford a cleaner says, 'I have a little woman what does.' Hence my title.


Author Tess Barker has a very attractive gardener, a fact not unnoticed by both her and her cleaner Kacey. Tess thinks she's too old to be in with a chance but does Kacey? Who will win the three way love game, if anyone, and is anyone in danger from the gunman who has shot a man at the railway station?

N.B. Mile End station is fictitious to this story and is not based on an actual place.

Chapter 1

Tess Barker’s memoir wasn’t going well. Should she include the affair with the married man fifteen years ago or not? What would her readers think? Would she seem unscrupulous, a homewrecker, or would they think ‘Go on girl, why not?’ And what of him? Would he recognise himself if he should read the book? More to the point would his wife! All names were changed for privacy but how transparent would his character be?
Questions questions and she had no answers. She couldn’t get into it today. You didn’t suffer writer’s block when writing a memoir, you couldn’t, the story was there; it was you, your life, who you were. No, it was rather a matter of what to include and what to omit.
He’d meant nothing to her, Colin, the man in question; she’d always viewed him as a take it or leave it part of her life. She’d been flattered by the attention of course, who wouldn’t be thrilled to pull when they considered their bloom of youth was fading, but she’d looked at his interest in her clinically; it was an opportunity to have sex, and who knew, possibly the last opportunity of her life. It had been a while since she’d had any form of intimate encounter, had almost forgotten what it was like. People said it was like riding a bike, once learned never forgotten, but would it be like riding tandem, both in tune with the other, the pedals going round in unison, or would it be like both riding separate bikes, out of sync, cogs connecting at the wrong times? 

The Author, The Gardener and The Wom...


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