Three Stories I Never Intended to Write

2021 has been an exceptional year for my own publications, all stories I never intended to write. Due to health it takes me 1-2 years to produce a novel and after Not Reported Missing I'd had enough - but then came Covid 19, a novel coronavirus creating a global pandemic.

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Not Reported Missing is Book 5 in the Willows Dip series, ending in March 2020, just before the UK went into lockdown, and the thought of how my villagers would cope with the pandemic chattered in my brain and wouldn't be silenced until I picked up the pen and set my imagination free to explore it - fact and fiction. Don't Cough on Me just had to be written; it took 18 months and was published in July 2021.

Don't Cough on Me: Covid 19...


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During this time other ideas surfaced. The first being a memoir of the beautiful animals that have enriched my life. Those now over Rainbow Bridge from my younger days are mentioned in my two memoirs Shadow Across the Sun and Better or Dead but my fur grandchildren have come along since so they are a new addition. I thought that the animals deserved their own book complete with colour photographs to give them immortality. It's my little indulgence, probably only of interest to family and close friends but animal lovers may enjoy getting to know My Furry Loves too. Don't Cough on Me was put on hold for a few weeks whilst I produced this as the enthusiasm to get it done was killing me! It was published in January 2021.

My Furry Loves: An animal...


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The third this year was a short story, Love and Roses, so it only took a few weeks to produce, much easier than a novel, just a few pages long, the ebook priced at 99p the paperback £2.99.
I'm getting nostalgic in my old age and my head spends far too much time in the 70s which were my magical years of youth; vibrant, healthy - thin! During this time I was lucky enough to experience a holiday romance - well it was holiday for me but it was his home - and we wrote to each other for several weeks after. In most cases - and indeed mine - this type of romance is fleeting, which gives it a poignant, bittersweet quality and I have beautiful memories of knowing him, covered in my first memoir Shadow Across the Sun; he will forever be the handsome young man who came to dance with me. A writer's mind is never idle though and I felt a story coming on. What if my character looked her holiday date up? 
I also wanted a ghost story for Christmas and what better way than to combine the two. I blended an ancient plague in the Derbyshire village of Eyam with the modern day plague of Covid 19 and Love and Roses blossomed; published in October 2021.
Enjoy the story, a short coffee time read, have a Merry Christmas and I hope no uninvited guests come along!

Love and Roses: A Christmas...


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