Neighbourhood Watching

Willows Dip Shorts

Neighbourhood Watching is a collection of twelve short stories set in Willows Dip in which all of the characters speculate about their neighbours activities. Everyone is a nosy neighbour, everyone wants to know what's going on in the neighbourhood, everyone loves a good gossip, people often get the wrong end of the stick and stories abound. The Willows Dip residents are no different than those of any other neighbourhood. As this is a short story collection not a novel it isn't numbered in the series but it fits in after Book Six, Don't Cough on Me. All of the characters from the previous books appear here and some new ones are added, which sparked inspiration for Book Seven, title, Soul Saver, the current work in progress. No cover reveal at this point but the two stories from Neighbourhood Watching that triggered the story for Soul Saver are: God Works in Mysterious Ways, and All that Hand Washing for Nothing. New characters were introduced in these stories who will be the main focus of Soul Saver, Book Seven.

Neighbourhood Watching:...