There are six novels and a short story collection in this series set in the pretty, fictional village of Willows Dip in the heart of England. The series begins with the Hetherington family in the early days of their lives in Rowan Cottage. Read on for more....

Book 1
A Lapse of Sanity
a ghost story

Life will never be the same for Chloe Hetherington following a life changing accident. Rowan Cottage in picturesque Willows Dip was a dream home but dreams become nightmares in moments and changes have to be adapted to.
In an effort to alleviate her worries she takes a walk and during that walk stumbles upon a derelict cottage. Curiosity gets the better of her and finding the door open she enters and encounters the ghost of its occupant. That sets in motion a quest to find out more about the old lady and she visits a spiritualist church.
Her next walk, this time in the woods backing onto her cottage, is equally if differently disturbing. The woods are home to the enigmatic Nathaniel O'Keefe, a part Romany gypsy, and their meeting upsets everything that Chloe holds dear.
Outside forces intrude upon her life and she has choices to make, but will they be the right ones, and what effect will they have on hers and her family's lives?

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A Lapse of Sanity

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Book 2
After the Solstice
The sequel

Is it possible to love two men at once? Chloe Hetherington knows that it is and in an ideal world she could have them both, but life is not ideal. Society dictates that she can only have one and she believes she has made the right choice. Outside forces intrude into her life though and she sets out on a quest to find happiness. In pursuit of that happiness lives are upturned and the truth about baby Josh's parentage only serves to bring more confusion to her life.

NOTE: As of 12th September 2021 I have revised a section of this book. This was only ever intended to be a sequel but the series evolved and the scene is covered in a more suitable manner in Book 4, hence the amendment in subsequent copies.

After the Solstice

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Book 3
Free Flight

Mourning the loss of her soldier husband Constanze Curtis opens a bird sanctuary in the picturesque village of Willows Dip. She'll never find another man like Kev and so she dedicates her life to her birds, but then a shopping trip and a black Audi TTchange everything and Connie's eyes are once again wide open.
As she develops her sanctuary she advertises for volunteers and one of them is the attractive and charismatic Nathaniel O'Keefe who is intent on facing his demons. 
Characters from the first two books have moved on and their lives entwine with Connie's but whilst she is making new friends she is sharing her life with a supernatural guest and a most unpleasant neighbour.
After the loss of a baby as well as her husband she wonders if she'll ever have the happiness that her friends have or is she destined to spend her life alone?

Free Flight

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Book 4

A Treasure Lost

Book 4 is a murder mystery. All the characters from the village are there but this time they are out to avenge the death of one of their own.

Young Jake Hetherington is the only witness to the two men leaving Nana Crashitt's cottage as he is on his way home from school. Something isn't right. Where is she? She always sees people off at the door and what is one of the men carrying in the hessian sack?

Book 5
Not Reported Missing

Young photography student Josh Hetherington-O’Keefe is out walking his Border Collie Izzy over the common at dawn and photographing the wildlife when Izzy becomes interested in a pile of rags dumped beside the rushes. On closer inspection Josh sees that it is the body of what looks like a middle aged man and shaken by the discovery he calls the police. There is no identification on the body. All that there is is a wallet containing a few pounds and a photograph, and a key.   Who is the man? Who is in the photograph and where is the door that the key fits? The ghost of the man’s body has its own voice and frustrations at the lack of memory. Villagers old and new all speculate on the mystery and during the course romances flourish as life continues to unfold in this quintessentially English village.
Mystery and romance: first love, young love, older love and love in between. Willow's Dip is a good place to be - for some. 
This is a family/village saga but will stand alone as a story although the main characters from the previous books, also Whisper to Me, are featured as well as new ones.

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Book 6
Don't Cough on Me
Willows Dip is a fictional village. Covid-19 is very real. This story tells how people's lives in a fictional village reflect the lives in actual villages, towns and cities across the UK and the world as the pandemic takes hold, claims lives, changes lives.

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Short story collection
Neighbourhood Watching
The villagers of Willows Dip are a nosy bunch, all peeking into the lives of their neighbours and usually getting the wrong end of the stick.
What does the man carry out to his van at 4 a.m? Why does it take Mr Bathroom so long to wash his hands? Who are the swingers and what goes on behind closed curtains?
Willows Dip is a quintessentially English village, a pretty chocolate box setting, but quiet it is not; it all happens in Willows Dip!

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Coming Soon 2024

Soul Saver, Book Seven

Inspired by two of the short stories in Neighbourhood Watching, God Works in Mysterious Ways, and, All That Hand Washing for Nothing, the story centres around the Reverend Steven Oswald, vicar of St Luke's parish church in the heart of Willows Dip. Divorced and happy with his situation, tending his flock is all the fulfilment his life needs. There is no room or desire for romance of any description in his life but as with the short story in the collection, God works in mysterious ways and perhaps He has other ideas for His good servant.