I must just mention the music I use for my videos. It is all from Chris Kimber's albums. 
I first came across his music many years ago with a free disc of the Tranquility album in a Mind Body and Spirit magazine. As I suffer from M.E/C.F.S and spend a lot of time resting this CD was invaluable. I played it so much in the early stages and still do from time to time I'm just thankful that CDs don't wear out.
Having enjoyed that so much once I got the Internet and came into the world of technology I googled him and subsequently bought Vibrations and Elements - both lovely albums but Tranquility will always be my favourite.
When I first tried my hand at making promotional videos for my books I tried some online sites for music but nothing seemed to fit the sensitivity of my stories and I thought about Chris and wondered if he'd allow me to use some of the tracks from the albums of his that I had. I contacted him through his website and he very kindly said that I could provided I credited him in the video which I always do. I'm so happy to be able to do this as I love his music and feel it fits my stories perfectly.
If you like the music in  my videos and want to hear more take a look at his website on the above link and maybe try one of the albums for yourself.