Not Reported Missing is a family/village saga staged around the mystery of an unidentified body. The ghost of the body is an unseen observer, willing the young man to find him, looking on as the authorities do what they have to do to unravel the secrets concealed on him, with only his wallet, a photograph and a key to go on.
Villagers old and new speculate as to who he can be and how he came to be where he was found. A newcomer to Willows Dip, Celia Wainwright, I based loosely on myself. She writes books and suffers from M.E. How she differs from me is that she earns a living from her talent rather than it being merely a way of living a normal life through her characters. Unlike her I prefer my romance on paper, it takes a lot less physical and mental energy! Added to that I am in control! 
From quaint English teashops to burgeoning romances, to a poor lost soul, life in Willows Dip goes on, ever changing yet maintaining its chocolate box charm. I hope my regular readers enjoy catching up with the familiar characters as well as meeting new ones, and new readers come to make new friends. Although this is book five in the series each story has its own plot and can be read alone, so if one theme appeals more than another everything and everyone will still slot into place.

Not Reported Missing:...
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